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AMSI produces a range of resources to enhance content knowledge and pedagogical understanding. Our accessible materials, textbooks and classroom resources support existing mathematics programs from Foundation to Higher Education.


As the demand for technology and innovation increases, so does the demand for STEM occupations. It is estimated that 70% of the fastest growing occupations will require STEM skills and maths is undoubtably the tool students will need to take advantage of these jobs of the future and for those wanting to make a difference in our world.

Education Resources

ICE-EM Textbooks

The ICE-EM Mathematics series develops a clear understanding of mathematical ideas and concepts for students with a range of abilities, needs and levels of interest.

The textbooks have been developed to provide a coherent and solid development of mathematics ideas to support the transition from Primary to Secondary school.


Calculate supports teachers with free mathematics materials, classroom resources and online professional learning for teachers from Foundation to Year 12 and is an effective way for teachers to support and enhance their existing maths program.

Get a Maths Job

This paper is a career guide to becoming a working mathematician –¬†finding a job where you do the kind of maths that makes you happy.
Download a PDF of the paper (500 KB)