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About the Review

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) and the Statistical Society of Australia (SSA) are conducting a Review of the role of Data Science in Australian universities. You are invited to participate and provide feedback through the survey below.


In the last few years, student and employer interest in the discipline of Data Science has grown significantly, which is reflected by establishment of new degrees and majors at Australian universities and increased employer demand for these graduates.

Data Science seeks to extract knowledge from data. It is interdisciplinary in nature and encompasses a range of core disciplines including mathematics, statistics, information science, computer science and AI, as well as many applied disciplines. Data Scientists can have general or specialised expertise in fields such as data infrastructure, the collation and management of data, the development and application of models and algorithms for data analysis, and visualisation and quantitative communication.

This Review seeks to understand the current role of mathematics and statistics (collectively Mathematical Science) in Data Science in Australian universities. This includes the involvement of Mathematical Science in Data Science courses and the changing nature of university departments due to the emergence of Data Science. It also seeks to understand the needs of employers of Data Scientists, the relative importance of mathematical science in Data Science, and how training in Data Science at university could be improved to better meet current and future needs.

The Review will:

  • Report on the current Data Science degrees that AMSI and SSA member universities offer, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, together with the level of engagement in Data Science programs, by member departments
  • Report on the roles of member departments in research institutes with a Data Science focus
  • Report on any recent changes to member department profiles, degree or subject offerings, which have occurred as a result of Data Science initiatives
  • Report on effective models for service teaching in Data Science, with a focus on those that involve joint teaching by academic and industry statisticians
  • Investigate and report on employer requirements for Data Science graduates (such as their skills-sets and competencies), ANZSCO classifications for data science occupations and options for SSA accreditation
  • Report on the role of Mathematical Science in Data Science graduates, from an employer perspective
  • Consider the role that AMSI Higher Education programs can play in developing the Data Science skills of advanced undergraduate students and how to engage Data Science academics in those programs
  • Consider the opportunity for professional training of Data Scientists in the workplace, including the potential for short courses and SSA/university accreditation
  • Consider how our disciplines can effectively benefit from the opportunities offered by the growth of Data Science in Australia

Video Introduction

Associate Professor Jessica Kasza (SSA) introduces the Data Science Review and provides an overview of its aims.


We are seeking information on the Review’s proposed aims and invite you to complete our Data Science Review survey. We are looking for feedback from a wide range of academics, students, university and industry professionals and encourage you to share this survey with colleagues and students that may be interested in contributing.

The estimated completion time is 10 minutes – thank you for your time.

This survey is now closed.

Focus Group Participation

The Review Panel will also be hosting focus groups in the coming months to gain further insights into the role of Data Science in Australian universities. If participating in a focus group is of interest, please email enquiries@amsi.org.au.

Review Panel

Distinguished Professor Kerrie Mengersen (Chair) Queensland University of Technology
Associate Professor Jessica Kasza SSA President
Professor Ian Gordon SSA Vice President
Professor Tim Marchant AMSI Director
Dr Maaike Wienk AMSI Policy and Advocacy Manager
Professor Inge Koch University of Western Australia
Professor Lewis Mitchell University of Adelaide
Professor Annette Dobson University of Queensland
Dr Emi Tanaka Monash University
Dr Nicola Armstrong Curtin University
Professor Scott Sisson University of New South Wales

Review Reference Group

Associate Professor Ayse Bilgin Macquarie University
Ms Liz Bolzan Australian Bureau of Statistics
Dr Hien Nguyen University of Queensland
Dr Don Vicendese University of Melbourne
Associate Professor Grace Joshy Australian National University
Dr John Henstridge Data Analysis Australia
Professor Marijka Batterham University of Wollongong
Associate Professor Robert Niven UNSW Canberra
Professor Sally Cripps CSIRO
Mr Kohleth Chia Endeavour Group