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The AMSI Foundation launch last week on International Pi Day reminds us of the positive impact that mathematics has on the world. As the peak body for mathematics in Australia, AMSI’s vision is that all Australians have the opportunity to develop their mathematics skills and knowledge, to enhance their careers, acquire essential life skills and to enrich their lives.

We invite you to help expand AMSI’s impact by donating to the AMSI Foundation.

The Foundation supports AMSI’s mission to increase the number of students studying maths in high school and on to higher education, to enhance their career prospects and support the Australian economy as it innovates and grows.

Maths and science skills are crucial for Australia’s future. Industry demand far exceeds supply and the gap is widening, according to the Australian Government Department of Education. AMSI’s own research demonstrates the decline in the study of maths in our updated and soon to be released Year 12 Participation Report Card.

There is a great deal to do.

Collective action and collaboration is key to shoring up Australia’s future.

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Thank you for choosing to donate to the AMSI Foundation.

Your donation will have a direct impact on providing life-changing mathematical science education opportunities for talented individuals and collectively contributing to a positive future for our nation.

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