AMSI has a track record of delivering programs that seek to integrate research, education and industry involvement and to provide a strong base for national innovation.

Our track record, along with a full description of our programs can be accessed in the Publications section of this website.

Timeline of our story so far…

  • 20th edition of Maths Adds published
  • 3rd edition of ICE-EM mathematics textbooks published by Cambridge University Publishing
  • Launch of Choose Maths Careers Awareness Campaign
  • Australian Government provides $28 million to fund expansion of APR.Intern program
  • AMSI expands its annual publications with launch of the Research Report
  • Component launch of the Choose Maths Awards attracts over 660 student entries and 30 teacher nominations
  • AMSI R&HE programs receive an additional $2m in funding from the Department of Education and Training enabling expansion of flagship events including the launch of AMSI Optimise in mid-2017
  • AMSI partners with the Australian Mathematics Society (AustMS) to launch MathsFest, a three-week long multi-event including the AustMS conference flanked by two international workshops
  • Launch of digital version of Maths Adds
  • AMSI sponsors its 200th scientific workshop
  • Australian Government pledges $28 million to expand APR.Intern program
  • AMSI partners with the Australian Academy of Science to produce the decadal plan The Mathematical Sciences in Australia: A Vision for 2025
  • BHP Billiton Foundation invests $22 million for a five-year national program to turn around public perception of the mathematical sciences as a career choice for girls and young women
  • $80,000 Boeing investment to expand AMSI Teacher Training Resources
  • ACE (formerly AGR) network upgraded to enhance connectivity with Australia and globally
  • APR.Intern secures co-investment scheme with eight member institutions worth a total of $6.7m over three years
  • Student participation in AMSI flagship events doubles between 2012-14
  • Australian effort for the International Year of Mathematics of Planet Earth led by AMSI
  • AMSI Schools boosted with funding from Boeing, The William Buckland Foundation and an AMSPP grant in partnership with Regional Universities Network to deliver professional development to mathematics teachers around Australia
  • AMSI awarded a $750,000 contract by Education Services Australia to develop electronic resources that support Australia’s senior national mathematics curriculum
  • National forum for Maths for the future: Keep Australia competitive
  • AMSI Research and Higher Education programs awarded $2 million funding by the Department of Education and Training to expand flagship events.
  • 2nd edition of ICE-EM Mathematics textbooks published by Cambridge University Press
  • APR.Intern program expanded through a $1.7m partnership with Enterprise Connect, an initiative of the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research
  • A wide-ranging, transparent, external review of AMSI was undertaken. This review led to the revision of AMSI’s mission statement and expansion of its Board.
  • AMSI awarded $2m grant from the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) for The Improving Mathematics in Schools (TIMES) project, ICE-EM schools materials, teacher professional development and mathematics careers awareness programs.
  • AMSI receives the National Innovation Award for Science Innovation
  • The Carrick Institute of Learning and Teaching (now the Australian Learning and Teaching Council) awards AMSI $100,000 to deliver Mathematics for 21st Century Engineering Students
  • A $2 million Collaborative and Structural Reform grant (CASR) provides funding for AMSI flagship higher education programs and strengthened industry collaboration through workshops and establishment of APR.Intern
  • AMSI supports the Australian Academy of Science’s National Strategic Review of the Mathematical Sciences in Australia
  • AMSI receives $750,000 in ICE-EM funding for the installation of Access Grid Rooms in 11 member universities
  • The establishment of the International Centre of Excellence for Education in Mathematics (ICE-EM) with a $7.8m funding grant from the Department of Education, Science and Training helps fund AMSI’s Higher Education programs
  • A collaborating partner, AMSI significantly influenced establishment of the Centre of Excellence for Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems (MASCOS). Out of an Australian Government grant of $10.9m, $2.2m was jointly administered by AMSI/MASCOS
  • AMSI established with $1m funding grant from the Victorian Government’s Science, Technology and Innovation infrastructure grants program.