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AMSI is governed by its Board and Joint Venture Partners, who, together with the AMSI Executive, determine its Vision, Mission and Values. Its Vision and Mission are: “That Australia Values mathematics and mathematical sciences propel Australia” and “To champion the mathematical sciences for Australia’s advancement.”

The AMSI Advisory Panel’s role is to support AMSI’s mission, vision and strategic direction through timely advice.

Terms of Reference
The Panel and its members shall:

  • Advise and make recommendations, on AMSI’s vision, mission and strategic direction, at the request of the Board/JVP
  • Provide informal advice, on request or otherwise, to the Chair of the Board and the Director
  • Meet at least twice yearly, for a forum discussion, relating to key issues for AMSI and/or the mathematical sciences. The discussion items shall be agreed with the Board Chair and the Director
  • Consider requests to join AMSI working parties
  • Where possible, support AMSI’s fundraising, philanthropic and advocacy initiatives

Panel Membership
AMSI will strive to ensure that the Advisory Panel includes a broad range of voices across its various stakeholder groups and that the membership is gender diverse. Panel members shall be appointed to a 3-year term. Re-appointment of members for an additional term, may occur, upon agreement by both AMSI and the panel member.

Panel Forums
At least two panel forum discussions shall be held each year. For each forum a Panel member shall be asked to chair/facilitate the discussion. The AMSI EA shall provide administrative support for the forum and the minutes, together with any recommendations, will be presented at subsequent Board/JVP meetings.

Confidentiality and Conflicts of Interest
Advisory Panel members may be asked to treat AMSI documents and panel discussions as confidential. They will also be asked to declare any conflicts of interest, that may be relevant to the topic under discussion.