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Adelle Howse
Awarded 2022

Dr Adelle Howse has contributed enormously to AMSI’s impact across the mathematical sciences pipeline over the past decade, having served as an AMSI Board Member for ten years, Deputy Chair of the AMSI Board for two years and, most recently, Chair of the AMSI Board for three years from 2019-2022.

As Chair of the AMSI Board, Adelle has overseen the successful completion of major AMSI grant periods including the BHP Foundation’s five year ChooseMATHS program and the national expansion of AMSI’s PhD industry internship program through the Department of Education, Skills and Employment’s National Research Internships Program (NRIP)¬†grant. Adelle worked closely with and supported AMSI Directors during this time to ensure the success of these nation-building activities.

Adelle’s strategic insight relating to the mathematical sciences, her deep knowledge and experience of governance, commitment and contribution have been vital in guiding AMSI’s direction and strategy in recent years. Some of her many achievements include a key role in negotiations with government on AMSI grants, the establishment of AMSI’s Audit and Risk sub-committee and a lead role in AMSI Joint Venture Agreement revisions.

Adelle is widely respected by all AMSI staff, past and present. The leadership she has brought to AMSI, and the impact she has had on Australia’s mathematical sciences pipeline is richly deserving of AMSI’s Medal for Distinguished Service.