Publication Date: March 1, 2013
Publisher: AMSI
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Topics/Keywords: Policy, Strategy

This document is for archive purposes, please see the most recent policy statement.

Cutting-edge developments in science, technology, medicine, commerce and management rely increasingly on sophisticated inputs from mathematical scientists. Examples are abundant. In biotechnology, mathematics is said to be the microscope of the future, airlines make extensive use of advanced optimisation techniques to gain a competitive edge in a fierce market, stochastic modeling predicts behaviour in the stockmarket, while increasingly complex algorithms are required to ensure digital security. The means to stabilise the earth’s climate over long periods will require self-consistent forward mathematical modeling. The mathematical sciences are of critical importance across a wide range of strategic areas.

This document was originally created for the national forum “Maths for the Future: Keep Australia Competitive” held in Canberra in February 2012. It should be read in conjunction with AMSI’s Discipline Profile of the Mathematical Sciences 2013.

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