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I am a strength and conditioning coach. I help people with weight loss and with getting fitter and stronger for their sports. Maths is not a requirement for this job, but makes the job a lot easier.

I use maths every day with each of my clients. I run my own business so maths helps in getting my budgets and tax in order.

When I need to add numbers up or work out a percentage, I need to do that quickly, without the aid of a calculator. I work out percentages for weightlifting clients to make sure they are lifting correctly. I need to precisely calculate the amount of weight moved in a session.

I also compare the difference in muscle mass and fat mass and prepare diets with the right proportions of fats, carbs and protein.

I really enjoy helping people reach their goals. That may be just to lose a few kilos, put on some more muscle, or to shave a few seconds off their best running time.

I love my job. I could never work an office job after this. I get to work my own hours and change lives for the better.

The Maths: Make your career count series was produced by AMSI and funded by the Australian Government under The Improving Mathematics in Schools (TIMES) project. Visit the Maths: Make your career count website at

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