Publication Date: September 12, 2016
Publisher: AMSI
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The Institute welcomes the 2016 National Infrastructure Roadmap Capability Issues Paper as an important milestone in the nation’s research and innovation agenda for the next ten years.

AMSI believes that mathematical sciences capability needs the support of NCRIS infrastructure. In particular, we contend that the direct engagement with the mathematical sciences needs to be an explicit capability in NCRIS, currently missing in the Roadmap.

Underpinning almost all areas of scientific discovery, NCRIS engagement with the mathematical sciences is essential to address key capability gaps. A failure to act on this will come at a significant cost to the Australian innovation system as we tackle the challenges of big data and disruptive and emerging technologies.

AMSI’s submission identifies the indispensable collaborative role that mathematics and statistics play in technological developments from cryptography to Wi-Fi to Internet search engines. Infrastructure must be provided to support these collaborations to ensure that Australia does not become a follower in the digital revolution.

AMSI recommends the establishment of a centre which will mobilise Australia’s mathematical scientists through the technical support of their collaborations with end users from government agencies, universities and private sector on topics such as climate change to advanced manufacturing and national security.

Professor Geoff Prince: “Mathematicians are problem solvers. And the best solutions are the ones that create new and portable mathematics. Breakthrough innovations flow from this new mathematics: tomography and bioinformatics are striking examples of successful collaborations. Our innovation system ignores this collaborative capability at its peril.“

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