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BioInfoSummer is one of AMSI’s flagship higher education outreach programs. Over 200 researchers and students gathered at BioInfoSummer 2015 to increase their understanding and skill levels in bioinformatics, with an excellent panel of Australian and international keynote speakers.

Bioinformatics is an exciting, fast moving area, analysing and simulating the structures and processes of biological systems. It is a truly interdisciplinary field that uses mathematics, statistics and information technology to analyse large and complex biological datasets.

Bioinformatics plays a crucial role in our understanding of genes and cellular structure. In the health and medical fields, bioinformatics enables advances in areas such as drug discovery, diagnostics and disease management. Bioinformatics is also important in agriculture allowing the identification of unique adaptations, desirable properties and differences between populations.

BioInfoSummer provides bioinformatics training to students, researchers and others working in related areas. The 2015 event included both specialist lectures and hands on introductory and advanced computer workshops.

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