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PhD scholarship opportunity in geometric analysis, metric geometry, differential geometry or a related field at the Institute for Analysis and Numerics in the Faculty of Mathematics, Otto von Guericke University (OGVU), Magdeburg, Germany.

Commencing (earliest date) October 2022.

This 3/4 13 TV-L position has a salary in accordance with the laws of Sachsen-Anhalt for such positions. The position is in the group of Professor Miles Simon, and the successful candidate (m/f/d) will assist and support the group, whose main research interests are: Ricci-Flow, Metric Geometry, singular and regular Geometric Flows (m/f/d).

Main Responsibilities:

  • Highly motivated and committed teaching (3 contact hours weekly)
  • To become sufficiently acquainted with the groups research interests, to take part in the groups activities, to support the group in research projects and related tasks

The position offers the candidate the opportunity to produce a doctoral thesis in geometric analysis, metric geometry or a related area, and it is expected that the successful candidate will do so.

Requirements for the Position:

  • Masters degree or equivalent in mathematics
  • Good knowledge in the theory of elliptic and/or parabolic differential equations, and/or differential geometry, and/or metric geometry

For further information about the position, please see here:

Applications close August 14, 2022.

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