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The Omicron wave is likely to exacerbate Australia’s existing teacher shortages and demanding workloads, reports The Conversation and ABC News.

“States and territories are putting together a plan to open schools safely, which is set to be released on Thursday. But for schools to operate effectively, and avoid remote learning, Australia must also have a long-term plan for recruiting and retaining teachers. This means lifting their professional status, improving work conditions and increasing pay.”

The article, by USYD Associate Professor in Education, Rachel Wilson, and Senior Lecturer at Sydney University Business School, Dr Giuseppe Carabetta, references AMSI data showing there is a 76 per cent chance every student will have at least one unqualified maths teacher in years 7 to 10.

Associate Professor Wilson and Dr Carabetta say a national plan is needed.

“Australia urgently needs a coordinated, long-term, politically bipartisan plan to strengthen teacher recruitment, placement and retention. With such a plan in hand we will be better positioned to tackle the ongoing pandemic and whatever other crises we face in the future.”

Read more on The Conversation or ABC News.

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