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The Monash Data Futures Institute is proud to announce the launch of the Monash Prato Dialogue – Distinguished Lecture Series in Artificial Intelligence.

Join the Institute for its inaugural online public lecture with guest speaker and world renowned AI researcher and proponent of safer AI systems – Professor Stuart Russell, who will speak on the topic of Provably Beneficial Artificial Intelligence.

Event Details:
Thursday 5 August 2021
9:30am-10:30am (AEST)

Topic Outline

It is reasonable to expect that AI capabilities will eventually exceed those of humans across a range of real-world-decision making scenarios. Should this be a cause for concern, as Alan Turing and others have suggested?

While some in the mainstream AI community dismiss the issue, Prof. Russell will argue instead that a fundamental reorientation of the field is required. Instead of building systems that optimize arbitrary objectives, we need to learn how to build systems that will, in fact, be beneficial for us.

To this end, it is useful to imbue systems with explicit uncertainty concerning the true objectives of the humans they are designed to help. This new model for AI opens up many unexplored avenues for research.

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