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The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) is delighted to acknowledge the successes of its members in this year’s Australian Mathematical Society (AustMS) premier awards.

Associate Professor Luke Bennetts of the University of Adelaide has been awarded the 2020 AustMS Medal, recognising his expertise in devising innovative mathematical techniques for problems in hydroelasticity (involving sixth-order boundary conditions), and waves in random and complex scattering media. Associate Professor Bennetts is now established as a research leader in these fields, and has also developed fast and accurate spectral methods for complex 3D geometries widely adopted by the community.

The Society’s 2020 George Szekeres Medal is awarded to dual winners — Professor Ole Warnaar of the University of Queensland, and Professor Nalini Joshi of the University of Sydney.

Associate Professor John Bamberg, Professor Michael Giudici and Professor Gordon Royle of the University of Western Australia are announced as winners of the 2020 Gavin Brown Prize.

The 2020 Mathematics Education Award for Teaching Excellence recognises Norman Do of the School of Mathematical Sciences at Monash University.

The Society announced Professor Janusz Brzdek of AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow as recipient of the 2020 Mahony-Neumann-Room Prize.

“AMSI extends its congratulations to all AustMS award winners”, said the Institute’s Interim President, Professor Asha Rao. “Beyond recognising sustained research excellence, the contribution to science of so many friends and supporters of AMSI is celebrated through this year’s prizes.”

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