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From winning the jackpot to meeting our doppelganger or rolling a six, we’ve all wondered what are the odds? Harvard University Statistician and Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) BioInfoSummer (BIS) 2019 Public Lecturer, Professor Rafael Irizarry will explore how statistics power our ability to shape and better the world.

“We all understand the role of statistics in understanding chance or the odds of a strange event, but this measurement revolution has been at the heart of so many 21st century accomplishments. From saving our planet to delivering better healthcare, forecasting weather and optimising industry processes, statistics are an essential tool across so many areas,” says Professor Irizarry.

Irizarry will draw on his own work in the Department of Biostatistics at Harvard University to bring to life statistics and its role in discovery as we respond to unprecedented advances in digital technology and a data reliant world.

“In this data driven era of science, statistics and statistical methods are incomparable in their power to tackle current challenges and uncover critical insights needed to reshape our world and how we live in it,”he said.

Free to attend, this event is open to audiences from high school students to 100. Join Professor Irizarry from 6pm, Thursday, 5 December at the University of Sydney. Register:

AMSI Director, Professor Brown said the Institute was delighted to welcome Professor Irizarry to Australia for this exciting public event as part of BIS 2019.

“Rafael is a leader in his field and a brilliant communicator. AMSI is excited to provide Australians with the opportunity to engage with the power of statistics through the impact and value of this field with so many implications for all of us,” said Professor Brown.

This public lecture is part of the 2019 AMSI BioInfoSummer (BIS) hosted by the University of Sydney from 2 – 6 December. One of AMSI’s most popular research training events, themes include Epigenetics/genomics, Single cell omics, Mass spec analytics and BioCAsia/precision medicine.

Aimed at undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and professionals in related fields, BIS offers an intensive five-day program of presentations and workshops headlined by Australian and international bioinformatics leaders. Attendees also benefit from a range of exciting extras including the popular welcome reception, networking opportunities, a careers evening, poster competition and the public lecture.

Delivered as part of AMSI’s Australian Government Securing the Australian STEM Workforce program, event sponsors include AMSI, Australian Government Department of Education, the University of Sydney, Charles Perkins Centre, Australian BioCommons, The Children’s Medical Research Institute, Westmead Institute for Medical Research, BHP Foundation and Australian Bioinformatics Computational Biology Society.

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For Media
Professor Irizarry is in Australia and available for interview from Thursday, 5 December. He will also be available for media following his lecture.

For Interview:
Professor Rafael Irizarry, Harvard University

Media Contact: Clint Rodgers
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