2018 Winter School

This year, the 14th AMSI Winter School was held at the St Lucia campus of the University of Queensland (UQ) in Brisbane. Since its inception, the Winter School has grown to become one of the most [...]

7th Edition 2018 – The Update

This edition features commentary on the ISA 2030 report which provided a blueprint to protect future prosperity. Guest author Professor Peter Taylor talks about the research process. Also [...]

2017 Winter School

The 2017 AMSI Winter School was held at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Gardens Point campus from Monday 26 June to Friday 7 July in the world‐class facilities available in the [...]


The Research Report illustrates the cross-discipline and industry impact of the mathematical sciences, this report documents the success and impact of AMSI’s Research and Higher Education [...]

2016 Winter School

AMSI Winter School 2016 was held in July at the University of Queensland for the eleventh consecutive year. As one of AMSI’s flagship higher‐education events, the Winter School enabled [...]

2015/2016 Winter School

The AMSI Winter School is one of AMSI’s flagship higher education vacation schools and outreach programs. The Hon. Jane Prentice MP opened the 10th annual event on Monday, 29 June at the [...]