9th Edition 2019 – The Update

This issue features articles covering all areas of AMSI’s activities. The launch of our second Occasional paper on out-of-field teaching and the release of joint research with CSIRO Data [...]

2019 Summer School

The AMSI Summer School is an exciting and unique event on the AMSI Research and Higher Education calendar and is one of the most anticipated events for Honours, Masters and PhD students studying [...]

2018 BioInfoSummer

AMSI BioInfoSummer is Australia’s leading bioinformatics and mathematical and computational biology training event. The 2018 edition was held at UWA from 3-7 December, jointly hosted by UWA, [...]

2018 Winter School

This year, the 14th AMSI Winter School was held at the St Lucia campus of the University of Queensland (UQ) in Brisbane. Since its inception, the Winter School has grown to become one of the most [...]

2018 Optimise

Optimisation is an increasingly crucial field for industry to drive growth and profitability. AMSI Optimise, the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute’s (AMSI) newest flagship networking and [...]


The Research Report illustrates the cross-discipline and industry impact of the mathematical sciences, this report documents the success and impact of AMSI’s Research and Higher Education [...]