9th Edition 2019 – The Update

This issue features articles covering all areas of AMSI’s activities. The launch of our second Occasional paper on out-of-field teaching and the release of joint research with CSIRO Data [...]

7th Edition 2018 – The Update

This edition features commentary on the ISA 2030 report which provided a blueprint to protect future prosperity. Guest author Professor Peter Taylor talks about the research process. Also [...]


CAREERS IN MATHS ONLINE gathers together a fraction of online job advertisements. The common theme of the ads is mathematics and statistics, but the actual jobs vary across all sectors— health to [...]

Traffic Engineer – Cameron Torpy

A traffic engineer looks at the number and the severity of road accidents to determine if the accident rate is higher than it should be for a particular section of road. I use mathematical [...]

Apprentice Chef – Ashlie Manganaro

Mathematics is used by a chef in many different ways and the demand for maths increases the further you go in the business. Doing maths in my work isn’t the chore it was at school, I use maths [...]

Sports Statistician – Karl Jackson

I’m the head statistician at a company that collects statistics from AFL matches. At the end of a game I get a file that contains everything that happened during the game event by event. My [...]

Guitar Maker – David Poulter

The maths in guitar making involves measurement and understanding curves and angles. An appreciation of the connection between music and mathematics helps in the design process. Every guitar is [...]

Motor Mechanic – Simone Kiefer

I use maths every day, though mostly I’m not aware of it. I measure threads on engine parts, engine sizes and capacity of engines for oil. I do a lot of unit conversion from imperial to [...]