PVSeminar #40// Davar Khoshnevisan

Thursday 06 October 2022 (10:00 AEDT)

We are delighted to announce our next talk (please note that it will be given on the usual day of the week [Thursday] this time, but the time will be unusual — in the morning; moreover, this weekend AEST will switch to AEDT, i.e. the local time in Melbourne will switch from UTC+10h to UTC+11h)

Davar Khoshnevisan (University of Utah, United States of America): Valleys for the stochastic heat equation

Abstract: We describe some ongoing work with Kunwoo Kim (POSTECH) and Carl Mueller (Rochester) on the valleys, also known as void regions, in between the tall spatial peaks of a family of stochastic heat equations. The main results are large-time quantitative bounds on the maximum height and maximum length of the valley that straddles a given point in space.

Location : Online via Zoomhttps://unimelb.zoom.us/j/87327348642?pwd=eHluOU03T3NIeStGcUZQWkpsZ3pxZz09

(if the above link doesn’t work when you click it — please copy & paste it into the address bar in your browser).

Password: 818517 (just in case)


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