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Society & Government Agency Membership


Access to AMSI initiatives is what brings tangible benefits to its members.

Annually, AMSI hosts five national flagship events – some of Australia’s largest and most influential for maths students:

  • Summer School
  • Winter School
  • Vacation Research Scholarships
  • ACE Network
  • Research & Industry Symposium (BioInfoSummer)

It is AMSI’s ability to convene skills and experiences at the highest level across the spectrum of the mathematical sciences that underlies AMSI’s impact, delivering advocacy and an experience for students beyond the individual capability of any university in isolation.

Professional Societies and Government Agencies can join AMSI as an Associate Member.

Present at AMSI’s flagship events and engage with the future maths workforce

Advertise through AMSI’s marketing channels

Contribute to the national voice of mathematics

Member Benefits


Societies and Government Agency member can negotiate benefits, including:

  • Presentations and advertising at AMSI’s student-focused flagship events:
    • AMSI Summer School
    • AMSI Winter School
    • AMSI Research & Industry Symposia (BioInfoSummer and Optimise)
    • AMSI Vacation Research Scholarships
  • Discounted registration at AMSI events
  • Advertising through AMSI marketing channels
  • Funding for research workshops
  • Workshop and lecture tour hosting
  • Recognition as an AMSI member on the AMSI website and in AMSI publications
  • Contribution to the national voice of mathematics



Societies and Government Agencies can negotiate the terms of membership in order to provide value to their staff and/or members and align membership of AMSI with their own strategic goals  – please contact us for more information on exec@amsi.org.au or 03 8344 1777.

Become a Member


To become a Member, please contact exec@amsi.org.au or 03 8344 1777.

To find out whether your university or institution is a member of AMSI, visit our members page.