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Vision for the Future
That Australia values mathematics, and mathematical sciences propel Australia

To champion the mathematical sciences for Australia’s advancement

– Trust – AMSI shares mutual trust and support with our Members
– Quality – AMSI delivers high quality outcomes
– Collaboration – AMSI strengthens mathematical sciences through collaboration with Members and Stakeholders
– Support – AMSI provides mathematical sciences with critical infrastructure and support to grow discipline activity

Long Term Goals

1. AMSI’s funding is secure and sustainable
2. AMSI is the unrivalled partner of choice for national mathematical sciences initiatives aligning with members’ interests
3. Australia recognises and enjoys the benefit of mathematical sciences
4. Australia recognises the necessity for diversity in the mathematical sciences workforce
5. Australia has balanced supply and demand for the Australian mathematical sciences workforce
6. Overall participation in high-level mathematical sciences at schools and universities meets Australia’s needs
7. Australia values mathematical sciences research and its contributions