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News Corp Australia has reported on ‘Alarming job vacancies for teachers’, including commentary from AMSI Director, Professor Tim Marchant.

The story reveals that thousands of Australian children have started the new school year without qualified teachers in core subjects including Maths, Science and English.

AMSI Director, Professor Tim Marchant, spoke on the maths teacher shortages, saying  the shortage is becoming “acute”.

And with fewer Year 12 students choosing higher level maths and fewer people studying the subject at university, Professor Marchant said it looks set to get worse, not better.

He said the issue has been exacerbated by competition for maths graduates, with potential maths teachers being lured into data science jobs due to lucrative starting salaries of between $100,000-$200,000.

The starting salary for a graduate teacher in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, is $74-75,000.

“Each generation of students deserves teachers that have been trained in the field,” Professor Marchant added.

Read more on the Herald Sun.

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