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The Australian Mathematical Society (AustMS) has honoured three of Australia’s leading mathematicians at a ceremony in Sydney today.

Opening the 66th Annual Meeting of the AustMS, President, Professor Ole Warnaar, congratulated this year’s winners of the AustMS Medal, George Szekeres Medal, Gavin Brown Prize and Mahony-Neumann-Room Prize.

Professor Guoyin Li of UNSW was awarded the 2022 AustMS Medal, recognising his outstanding contributions to optimization, variational analysis and multilinear algebra. The AustMS Medal is awarded for distinguished research in the mathematical sciences to a member of the Society, within 15 years of the award of their PhD. Professor Li’s body of work positions him as one of the most dynamic and influential young researchers in the Australian mathematical community.

The 2022 George Szekeres Medal – AustMS’s most prestigious medal recognising research achievement and outstanding support of the mathematical sciences – was awarded to Professor Igor Shparlinski of UNSW. Professor Shparlinski has made notable contributions in many areas of mathematics with specialisms in number theory and its applications, and his influence on mathematics is reflected in his incredible citation rate.

The 2022 Gavin Brown Prize for best paper was awarded to Professor Mark Holmes of the University of Melbourne and Professor Edwin Perkins of the University of the University of British Columbia for their paper, ‘On the range of lattice models in high dimensions’, Probability Theory and Related Fields 176, no.3 (2020): 941-1009.

The 2022 Mahony-Neumann-Room Prize for outstanding contributions to AustMS’s research publications was awarded to Satish K. Pandey of the University of Waterloo, and Professor Vern I. Paulsen of the University of Waterloo, for their paper, ‘A spectral characterization of AN operators’, J. Aust. Math. Soc. 102 (2017), no. 3, 369–391.

AMSI Director, Professor Tim Marchant, said the AustMS awards were important recognition of sustained research excellence.

“We are delighted to see leading Australian mathematicians at AMSI Member universities recognised for their outstanding contribution to the discipline. AMSI congratulates all winners,” said Professor Marchant.

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