The first Western Pacific Topology workshop and conference is designed to ignite new partnerships amongst the growing communities in Australia and Korea in areas closely related to algebraic topology. Algebraic Topology has established itself as a central topic within mathematics – it has played a major role in solving problems of great interest to mathematicians […]

The recent years have seen a rich cross-fertilisation of ideas between physics and mathematics that has led to fantastic advances in each field. A prominent example of this is the notion of a tensor category. These abstract structures have a depth and ubiquity that has made them indispensable knowledge for many modern research fields including […]

The event focuses on the exciting and important topic of interfaces in partial differential equations, with particular emphasis on free boundary problems and phase transitions. The argument is, in spirit, a multidisciplinar topic, since it bridges problems and methods from analysis, mathematical physics and numerics. The workshop spans over two full days of research conferences […]