MATHSADDS gathers together job advertisements that have recently appeared online. The common theme of the ads is mathematics and statistics, but the actual jobs vary across a very broad spectrum. [...]


The Research Report illustrates the cross-discipline and industry impact of the mathematical sciences, this report documents the success and impact of AMSI’s Research and Higher Education [...]

2018 Summer – The Update

This edition showcases some of AMSI’s collaborations – ChooseMaths and the APR.Intern rebrand, and we feature the latest addition to our flagship research training and industry engagement events, [...]

2017 Summer School

AMSI Summer School 2017 was held for the fifteenth year in January at The University of Sydney, with a record number of 168 students attending the school. As one of AMSI’s flagship [...]

2016/17 Vacation Research Scholarships

AMSI Vacation Scholars experience life as a researcher, completing a six‐week research project in the mathematical sciences of their choice, and present their findings to their peers at AMSI’s [...]

2016 BioInfoSummer

AMSI BioInfoSummer 2016 was held in November at the University of Adelaide, hosted by the School of Mathematical Sciences, with a collaborative effort in organisation from the University of [...]

2016 Winter School

AMSI Winter School 2016 was held in July at the University of Queensland for the eleventh consecutive year. As one of AMSI’s flagship higher‐education events, the Winter School enabled [...]