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AMSI is a collaborative venture whose membership comprises universities and other bodies allied with the mathematical sciences. There are three membership categories:

  • Full member
  • Three levels of associate members
  • Societies, government agencies and corporate members

Benefits for all AMSI members

  • Links with the national and international mathematical sciences community.
  • Active engagement with AMSI’s advocacy agenda. This will include involvement with submissions and policy and advocacy documents, such as our annual review of the discipline.
  • Monetary sponsorship and support for the delivery of research activities. These could include workshops, seminars, guest lecturers and theme programs.
  • Monetary sponsorship and support for the delivery of, or participation with, AMSI higher education flagship events.
  • Access to AMSI’s internship program.

Benefits for Universities

  • Opportunity to apply for AMSI for funding of visits by international presenters at approved scientific workshops.
  • Annual travel allowance to fund students and early career researchers to approved scientific workshops.
  • Cost of travel and accommodation and heavily subsidised registration for attendance at the AMSI Summer School, Winter School and BioInfoSummer.
  • Opportunity for incoming honours students to compete for a limited number of Vacation Research Scholarships, which include participation in CSIRO’s Big Day In.
  • Opportunity to be involved with activities through AARMS, PRIMA and MITACS at their member fees.
  • Opportunity to participate in national, regional and metropolitan seminars and courses through the Access Grid Room network.
  • Opportunity to partner with AMSI on applications for linkage grants and centres of excellence.
  • Opportunity to work with industry on nominated projects brokered by AMSI.
  • Receive up-to-date posters and printed material that encourage students to pursue a career in mathematics.
  • Opportunity to influence state and national mathematics education policy.
  • Contribute to the national voice of mathematics.

Societies and Government Agencies

Societies and Government Agencies are eligible for similar benefits as those listed above, and can negotiate the terms of membership in order to provide value to their staff and/or members and align membership of AMSI with their own strategic goals.

Full Membership

Full members of AMSI are signatories to the Joint Venture Agreement which forms the basis of AMSI’s structure and governance. In addition to the list of benefits above, full members also have:

  • Precedence to host the AMSI Summer School and BioInfoSummer
  • Increased travel allowance for students and staff
  • Part ownership of AMSI
  • Input and sign off on AMSI’s business plan
  • Ability to nominate the AMSI Deputy Director, who has a seat on the AMSI Board