AMSI delivers on its mission through advocacy on behalf of Australia’s mathematical sciences community, and through the delivery of activities under its program areas:

  • School education
  • Higher education
  • Research
  • Internships

Dynamic advocacy of the strategic importance, strengths and vital benefits of Australian mathematical sciences is implicit in AMSI’s mission. The value of AMSI’s contributions to strategic advocacy and communication is substantial and has been indispensable.

Government and policy

AMSI is recognised as a central voice on issues related to mathematics education, research and workforce supply through written submissions to parliamentary inquiries and attendance at parliamentary hearings.

National partnerships and discipline support

AMSI partners with CSIRO and the Australian Bureau of Statistics in a number of programs, including Maths and Stats by Email and Mathematics of Planet Earth. AMSI also works with the Bureau of Meteorology, the Australian Mathematical Society, the Australian Mathematics Trust, Defence Science and Technology Organisation and the Statistical Society of Australia Inc.

AMSI currently lends support to the National Committee for the Mathematical Sciences’ decadal plan for the mathematical sciences, and supports the annual meeting of the Australian Council of Heads of Mathematical Sciences, which comprises representatives from all Australian mathematical sciences departments and societies, as well as government agencies and research groups.

Public Engagement

AMSI brings mathematics awareness to the Australian community in a number of ways. Public lectures by distinguished speakers are held in conjunction with AMSI’s flagship events, conferences and sponsored workshops. AMSI also engages with a broad audience through its social media channels.

International Linkages

AMSI has strong links with MITACS, which operates a highly successful intern program in Canada. AMSI is a founding member of the Pacific Rim Mathematical Association (PRIMA) and also has links with the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences (PIMS). AMSI maintains strong links with prominent overseas mathematicians involved in school mathematics.

School Education

AMSI’s Schools program delivers a range of initiatives that support mathematics education in schools.

Our activity in the schools space includes the development of resources for teachers of mathematics in primary and secondary schools, the provision of professional development, and the dissemination of careers information to promote of the importance of mathematics for career choices. We engage in conversation with students, parents and teachers to encourage students to continue their mathematics studies to senior high school and beyond.

In April 2015, AMSI partnered with the BHP Billiton Foundation to launch Choose Maths, a five-year national program that will turn around public perception of mathematics and statistics as a career choice for girls and young women.  The program will contribute to the health of the mathematics pipeline in Australia from school through university and out to industry and the workplace by:

•    providing mathematics-ready teacher professional development in 120 schools across Australia and resources for every school in the country;
•    developing a national mathematical sciences careers awareness campaign;
•    establishing an “inspiring women in mathematics network”; and
•    holding annual BHP Billiton awards for excellence in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

We have also worked in collaboration with CSIRO, BlueScope Steel Pty. Ltd., Regional Universities Network (RUN), Boeing, The William Buckland Foundation, the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) and the Australian Government.

In addition to these tangible activities, AMSI’s Schools program staff have been called upon for their expertise in policy and curriculum development and speaking at national and international conferences. AMSI has made submissions to government in areas regarding teacher training and AMSI staff have been significantly involved in the development of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics.

Higher Education

The AMSI Higher Education program enhances the student experience by providing research training from national and international experts and builds student networks around Australia.

Enhancing the student experience

The AMSI Summer and Winter Schools bring together students from around Australia to develop their skills with specialist subjects. Within the two to four week residential schools, students hear from leading researchers in the field, meet potential employers, build networks and establish research collaborations.

Promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration

BioInfoSummer is the major annual bioinformatics event in Australia. This exciting area of interdisciplinary science blends technologies from mathematics, statistics and computing to help solve biological problems.

Training the next generation of researchers

Each year undergraduate students receive Vacation Research Scholarships (VRS). For six weeks students experience life as a researcher, working closely with a supervisor on real life research problems and present their findings at Big Day In, a national CSIRO conference.

Increased opportunity

A Shared Honours Program gives students national access to collaborative teaching over the Access Grid Room (AGR) Network. Students have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge with specialist subjects from other universities.

The annual AMSI vacation schools and scholarships are funded jointly by the Department of Education and AMSI.


Supporting Australia’s academic community, fostering the critical links between researchers in universities, government agencies and business.

Facilitating National Collaboration

Collaborative mathematical research through an internationally recognised program of scientific events. Annually the Scientific Workshop program supports 25 scientific workshops, international and local conferences, and provides travel support for students and researchers from around Australia to attend these events. The National Seminar Series broadcasts specialist lectures from world experts nationally over the AMSI Access Grid Room network.

Building Industry Linkages

The Mathematics and Statistics in Industry Study Group (MISG) is an annual event where a hundred mathematicians and statisticians come together to apply their knowledge to help solve real world, industrially relevant problems. Giving business access to a set of high calibre professionals, tools and technologies that improve capacity and capability in problem solving and decision-making.

Bringing International Expertise to Australia

Each year AMSI sponsors 50 international experts to visit Australia to speak at workshops and complete lecture tours that engage and inspire with specialist lectures, outreach events and media interviews.

Supporting Australia’s Young Researchers

An Early Career Workshop provides a forum for young researchers to build their networks and increase their skills.


APR.Intern is an innovative university and industry collaboration that connects business and other organisations to the vast research expertise in Australia’s universities.
APR.Intern is a national program that links postgraduate students and their university supervisors across all disciplines with industry partners through short-term 4-5 month tightly focused partner research internships. The postgraduate student is supported by an academic mentor from the host university throughout the internship placement period.

The APR.Intern model provides a valuable opportunity for academic mentors and industry to develop new and strengthen existing relationships through these research collaborations.

Large organisations, small-to-medium enterprises and government agencies who are seeking high-end analytical expertise can access an APR.Intern student to address a specific research challenge or problem their organisation is facing.