Chloe Pearse

Qualifications: BSc, DML (Jpn), MMM
Position: Program Manager, Research and Higher Education
Program: Research and Higher Education

Phone: 61 3 9035 8037

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Chloe Pearse manages the Research and Higher Education portfolio for AMSI. Chloe leads a team that primarily run national research training events and scholarship support for undergraduate and postgraduate university students and early career researchers in the mathematical sciences. In addition, Chloe and her team work with the AMSI Scientific Advisory Committee to support research collaboration through international and national speaker attendance at Australian mathematical science workshops to the value of $120,000 annually. As part of this program area, AMSI also supports online teaching and learning collaborations, including Honours and Masters subjects, through the ACE Network. Finally, AMSI has many partnership agreements with other mathematics organisations, universities and research institutes which include co-sponsored events, and 3 minute thesis competitions for PhD students.

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