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Comparing fractions on the number line

As with whole numbers, the convention is that larger numbers are located to the right on a number line, and smaller numbers to the left. On the number line below we can see that 1 is larger than 0.

The number line is also useful to help us decide which of two fractions is larger. To compare \(\dfrac{2}{3} \text{and} \dfrac{3}{4}\) we place them on the number line and see that \(\dfrac{3}{4}\) is to the right of \(\dfrac{2}{3}\) and so must be larger.

Number line from 0 to 1. Above the line is marked in thirds. Below the line is marked in quarters.

Definition: One fraction is larger than another fraction if it lies to the right on the number line.

Other strategies for deciding which is the larger of two fractions include: