In Jobs with our Members, PhD & Masters Scholarships

OPTIMA is seeking expressions of interest for fully-funded PhD projects with generous top-up scholarships.

PhD projects are 3.5 years, including a one-year equivalent industry placement, the timing of which can be negotiated. We’re looking for talented students with a background in mathematics, computer science, statistics, economics, engineering or other related fields. These positions are offered across OPTIMA’s nodes located at Monash University or The University of Melbourne. An expression of interest (EOI) must be submitted before prospective PhD students are invited to apply for admission through their selected university. In addition, you must meet the admission requirements of our node universities.

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OPTIMA works with industry to conduct world-class research and provide training for research students working in industrial optimisation. OPTIMA addresses industry’s urgent need for decision-making tools to support global competitiveness: reducing lead times and financial and environmental costs while improving efficiency, quality and agility. OPTIMA will train a highly skilled workforce of change agents for the transformation of priority sectors including advanced manufacturing, energy resources and critical infrastructure.

OPTIMA – Industry-University Partnership


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