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AMSI appoints new Board Members

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of four new members to its board: Dr Adelle Howse, Dr Arvind Gupta, Lily Serna and Dr Mark Lawrence.

Dr Adelle Howse was awarded a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Queensland and she is currently the Executive General Manager of Investment, Divestments & Acquisitions for Leighton Holdings, one of Australia’s largest Construction and Development companies.

Dr Howse believes that AMSI is the leading entity in Australia for promoting the benefits of mathematics to the broader community – in particular at the pre-university phase. She said that she hopes ‘to help AMSI develop stronger links with industry and the business community to further support AMSI in achieving ALL aspects of its mission statement’.  Dr Howse also feels that AMSI plays an imperative role in preserving the integrity of the discipline throughout all stages of the education pipeline.

Dr Arvind Gupta has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Toronto and is the CEO and Scientific Director of Mitacs – AMSI’s Canadian counterpart. A professor of Computer Science at the University of British Colombia, Dr Gupta thinks that: ‘AMSI is unique in the way it conducts its mathematics outreach. It has taken to heart the idea that mathematicians should be involved in developing curriculum for K-12.’

Impressed with the excellence AMSI has shown in integrating mathematics through their school programs, graduate courses like the Summer and Winter Schools and APR.Intern, Dr Gupta looks forward to ‘developing joint programs between Canada and Australia.

‘In the grand scheme of mathematics AMSI has embraced a new way of thinking and I think one that will stand them well,’ he concluded.

Lily Serna has a Bachelor of Mathematics (Hons) and Finance from the University of Technology, Sydney. She was the resident mathematician and co-host of SBS series Letters and Numbers. Upon being asked about her recent appointment to the AMSI board Serna said: ‘I see AMSI as the glue that binds all levels and aspects of mathematics together. I think AMSI’s role of facilitating communication and collaboration between institutions is paramount to the progression of mathematics and statistics in Australia.’

Lily hopes that by being on the AMSI board she can continue to ‘influence more young people to consider studying mathematics at a tertiary level’.

Dr Mark Lawrence is a risk management specialist — although born and raised in Adelaide, he was actually one of the first “rocket scientists” on Wall Street in the mid-1980s — and has a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

He is the Managing Director of the Mark Lawrence Group – which he established in 2008, having previously been the Chief Risk Officer of ANZ bank earlier in the decade.

The firm advises major Australian, Asian and international financial service organisations and regulators on risk management and governance issues.

Dr Lawrence is ‘passionate to contribute to the development of excellence in mathematics in Australia at every level’.

Extremely enthusiastic about his appointment to the board, he is looking forward to assisting AMSI to strengthen links with industry, empower Mathematics teachers through professional development and rouse the publics’ consciousness of the fundamental role that mathematics plays in so many areas of our daily lives.

Professor Geoff Prince, AMSI Director said: ‘I am looking forward to working with all four newly appointed board members.  Each of them holds a distinctive place within the mathematical community. Their fresh perspectives and different experiences will enrich all aspects of AMSI.’


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