This workshop will bring together leading experts in and around the area where statistical mechanics, integrability, conformal field theory, and combinatorics meet and in some sense overlap. A primary goal of the workshop is to encourage research collaborations across the traditional divides between the research communities interested in the separate disciplines. Significant recent developments stem […]

We propose to hold a workshop on mathematical modelling of biological tissues, inviting key national and international leaders to interact with local researchers and ECRs. The workshop is arranged to coincide with the MATRIX Month of Mathematical Biology program and the 2018 meeting of the Society of Mathematical Biology. As experimental techniques in biomedicine continue […]

The workshop on agent-based spatio-temporal stochastic systems in biology will be a six-day event at the new MATRIX facility in Victoria in July 2018. The workshop will be attended by the world’s foremost experts in the field. The workshop aims to improve mathematical frameworks for the study of cellular, molecular and other agent-based systems in […]