Microlocal analysis is an extremely active contemporary research topic. Although it was initially developed as a tool to solve linear partial differential equations, its influence is increasingly felt in a diverse range of fields, as illustrated for example by Hintz and Vasy’s recent proof of global nonlinear stability of the Kerr-de Sitter family of spacetimes in […]

A $50 registration fee will be charged to non-speakers, with a discount to $40 for AMSI members. The registration fee will go towards funding the workshop dinner. ​To register your attendance, please send an e-mail to Hao Guo with the following information: Name Position and Affiliation E-mail

Dr Chris Matthews, Chair of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance (ATSIMA), is thrilled to announce that ATSIMA’s next conference on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and mathematics education will take place from: Wednesday 11th – Friday 13th July La Trobe University, Melbourne The ATSIMA Conference 2018 webpage is currently under development. […]

We welcome all students and researchers new to the field to join the Early Career Researchers’ (ECR) Day during next years’ joint International Society for Clinical Biostatistics and Australian Statistical Conference in Melbourne on Thursday, 30 August 2018. The aim of the day is to encourage discussion on how to be a good researcher and how to come […]