The 61st annual meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society will be held by the Department of Mathematics at Macquarie University, 12–15 December 2017. The deadline for abstract submission is Friday 10 November. Please consult the event poster here.  

In August 2016 the world lost a greatly original and highly influential mathematical analyst, Alan McIntosh. For almost fifty years, Alan McIntosh had been a symbol of the strength of Australian mathematics and a key figure in the fields of harmonic analysis and operator theory worldwide. The 2018 Special Year in Analysis at the Australian […]

Microlocal analysis is an extremely active contemporary research topic. Although it was initially developed as a tool to solve linear partial differential equations, its influence is increasingly felt in a diverse range of fields, as illustrated for example by Hintz and Vasy’s recent proof of global nonlinear stability of the Kerr-de Sitter family of spacetimes in […]